About Myotonics

     The Myotonic Goat, also known as the “Fainting” goat, is a landrace breed, known for the stiffening of their muscles, called Myotonia Congenita. This condition causes muscles to stiffen when they become excited or scared, lasting for roughly 10 seconds. These goats do not actually “faint”, but sometimes lose balance and fall over. This condition causes an increase in muscle mass, making them an ideal meat goat. It also makes them easier to contain than other breeds.
     The Myotonic Goat comes in a variety of sizes from mini to large. They are very docile, making them wonderful pets. They are excellent mothers, very hardy, and make excellent stock for small scale farmers/ranchers. When Myotonic bucks are outcrossed to other breeds, they pass on their muscling, improving meat to bone ratio on their offspring, therefore making them an excellent addition to the commercial herd.
     Since they are a landrace breed (originated in Tennessee), there is not a “breed standard”, but rather a “breed description”. There are variations of this breed but there are distinct features they possess. The breed description puts emphasis on the head and body conformation.
  • The head should be medium length and broad with a broad muzzle, and concave below the eyes.
  • Ears should be erect, broad and medium length carried outward or angled forward.
  • Eyes should be set far apart and prominent (may bulge).
These are just a few characteristics the Myotonic goat should display. For a full description, visit: http://myotonicgoatregistry.net/MGRbreeddescription/MGRBreeddescription.html